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See news for rewards given by Active Cheshire to Cheshire West, Chester and Warrington residents who complete 8 classes in the 12weeks from starting!! Relevant classes are marked with *AC* on activities.

 Our team at Cheshire Nordic Walking can help you to get whatever you want out of Nordic Walking. We teach people of all ages and fitness levels how to Nordic walk using a range of courses to suit individual client needs. Nordic Walking is ideal for:

  • Those who like to be out in the fresh air
  • People looking for a new, fun, sociable activity
  • People who have been inactive
  • People who want to get fit for a skiing holiday
  • Existing walkers who want to become fitter
  • People who have medical conditions which might limit their ability to exercise
  • People who have been advised by their Doctor to take more exercise
  • People with joint problems looking for a safe form of exercise
  • Ex runners with knee problems
  • People wanting to feel less stressed
  • Those who hate the gym
  • People who want to feel fitter, less isolated, healthier and happier.


Elizabeth Kerley, known to all as Kerley, has been an instructor for 4 years. She has a Nursing and Scouting background, and as an owner of two dogs, she has always enjoyed walking in the countryside, being close to the natural world. Whilst escaping from the demands of 4 teenage sons and an untidy house, she found that Nordic Walking enables her to really enjoy taking exercise at whatever time suits, whatever place suits and at whatever pace she feels like on that day.She finds that Nordic Walking is a great way to help lift the spirits, relieve stress and increase activity and fitness levels in a sociable and fun way. It is a lovely way to make new friends.

Ted Rose

Ted Rose is a retired Cardiologist and ex rugby player/triathlete; he has had medical problems of his own leading to his early retirement but has been helped enormously by Nordic Walking and is now a trained instructor, keen to offer you these benefits as well.

Anita Lobban

Nordic Walking? “No way!” I said 4 years ago. But…I tried it…was hooked in 5 minutes….was qualified as an Nordic Walking Instructor 3 days later and now take my poles with me everywhere.

As a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer by profession I always look for ways to get the maximum benefit with the least amount of time from whatever I do. Incorporating the whole body into walking just makes so much sense. The use of Nordic Walking poles enable us to keep the whole body fit, burns more calories and the possibility of walking much faster with very little extra effort. The other benefits of being outdoors and socializing at the same time make it a no brainer!

Ann Charlton

My name is Ann and l have a strong background in health and fitness working within the industry in sport/health and fitness.

For many years l walked using ordinary trekking poles, l then saw advertised locally Nordic Walking taster sessions and really learned HOW to walk for fitness. My trekking poles are still in the shed. After completing the learn to course and enjoying it so much for a time l decided to train as a walk leader, which then led to Instructor training- cascade trainer and delivery partner, on the way l also learned to use smovey’s and gymstick for extra workouts.

Carolyn Beiert

Caroline has taught fitness classes for Liverpool city council for many years and is excited to be bringing this safe, effective form of exercise into her work having discovered how much better her own joints feel after a good Nordic walk!

Caroline delivers a range of sessions for all levels including work with Friends of Everton park and the local CCG (Clinical commissioning group).

Nordic Walking Cheshire East

Cheshire East Council are working in partnership with Age UK Cheshire & Cheshire East and Dane Plus Housing to create an all encompassing Cheshire East wide Nordic Walking Programme.

If you – Hate going to the Gym – Feel lethargic – Want to lose a few pounds – Want to join a Fun and Sociable exercise group: Then Nordic Walking will suit you. Nordic Walking is great way to exercise outdoors so get in touch and find out where your nearest session is.

Claire Britton

I have over 10 years experience in the exercise and complementary health sector and was inspired to become a Nordic Walking Instructor having discovered how much fun Nordic Walking is and how good it makes me feel. I love being outdoors, having fun and am passionate about helping people make the most of their lives.

Let me use my experience to help you get the most out of your walking and share the benefits with you. Nordic Walking is a great way of becoming more active, improving your fitness and enjoying being outside. It is a great way to meet people whilst working towards your goal. So whether you are training for a specific challenge, trying to overcome a medical condition or just want to get your whole body moving to improve your fitness, Nordic Walking could be for you.

Join me in our beautiful Cheshire countryside and let’s go Nordic Walking together.



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